May 30, 2019

Natural, SLS-Free Shampoo Bars... But my hair feels GREASY?!

Nettle, Parsley & Rosemary Shampoo Bar

Let me tell you what's going on and how to get your hair back feeling soft and light.

Switching to a Shampoo Bar can feel like the worst decision you've made, especially when you come out of the shower to greasy, heavy hair feeling almost dirtier than before you went in.

The first thing to remember is that this is completely normal and completely solvable.

So what's going on?

Your hair has likely been used to high-street detergent style shampoo filled with chemicals, silicons and sulphates to leave your hair feeling clean and soft. A lovely feeling for your hair, yes, however the impact on your skin and the environment is not something to be ignored.

As your hair adjusts to a cleanse without these chemicals, it goes into panic mode. It over produces scalp oils like never before. There is also the issue that our shampoo bars don't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which is a harsh chemical that breaks through build-up and strips the hair. Without this, there might be more build-up than normal. This is the reason your hair feels almost waxy after you wash. 

So the shampoo bar isn't working then?

Absolutely not. The shampoo bar IS working, it just needs time to adjust. The less you use on your hair, the better. So things like styling products, hair smoothers and leave-in conditioners will all cause a build-up on your hair, and are usually filled with silicones that actually dry your hair out even though they make it feel soft. Our shampoo bars have a tough job to cut through all this build-up, but after a few weeks it works with your scalp to do this. 

What can I do in the transition period?

Shampooing correctly, by rubbing the bar in your hands (not directly on the hair) and using the foam to wash with will help. As our products don't use SLS, it makes it a bit harder to disperse through the hair so we recommend separating the hair into sections and rubbing the foam in each section. Then, some people find using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after you wash, but before you condition really helps break through that build up barrier. It also leaves your hair unbelievably soft! Mix your Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 50/50 with water and apply to the hair after you shampoo.

Wet hair > Section hair > Foam up bar in hands > Apply to each section > Rinse with water > Rinse with vinegar rinse > Repeat all of the above > Conditioner through ends if preferred.

Hundreds of our customers have great success with shampoo bars and choose to never go back! Just have a little faith and perseverance with it and you'll be on the way so silky-soft hair and a significant reduction in your environmental impact.

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