October 30, 2019

Looking for zero waste Christmas gifts? 

There is so much talk of zero waste and way to achieve it, it can seem overwhelming on where to start. One of the simplest is to switch to a soap bar! Banish plastic shower gel bottles and plastic hand wash bottles around the home. We offer a wide range of soap bars and accessorise to make them last longer, plus the smell and look great too! 

What's the deal with WiDEYE soap bars?

We love soaps bars. We have so much fun coming up with new combinations and experimenting  at our production unit in Rye. They are made with the finest natural ingredients and totally free from SLS, parabens, sulphates and preservatives. If they are fragranced, it’s only ever with pure essential oils, any colour comes from natural pigments and glitter (we all love a bit of sparkle!) is all biodegradable. We also offer a range of Naked Soap Bars without the use of essential oils for the most sensitive of skins and perfect for all the family. 
It will save you money too...
Soap bars don’t contain as high a proportion of water as shower gels or liquid soaps, bar soap tends to last a lot longer and is more cost effective

What’s the best way to look after them?

The main fear our customers have over using them, is the slime factor! So how do you avoid this and allow the soap to have a long & happy life?  
  • Use a slated soap dish or loofa pad so your bar can dry in between each uses - like our Bamboo Soap Dish  or Loofa Soap Pad (this also doubles up as a great exfoliant or wash basin cleaner!)
  • Keep it away from the shower stream - store is where the water can’t hit it.
  • When all that's left is a sliver of soap, to avoid it breaking into even smaller pieces - use a soap pouch  to make it last - like our Sisal Soap Bag
  • For home and travel our Natural Soap Pod are an innovative new alternative to plastic. Made from Liquid Wood which is leftover pulp from the paper making process combined with natural resins, flax and fibres that can be injected into moulds.
See the full range here.

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