May 08, 2019

This month we are turning our focus to the powers of aromatherapy and how our Mood Oil blends can change your mood. 

Our Mood Oils come in handy, small glass bottles. Great to take out and about to use during those mindful moments.

Check out the range:

  1. Sleeping Beauty (calming) - for those restless nights. The subtle scent of Lavender & Vetiver can gently ease you into a better nights sleep.
  2. Aqua Karma (calming) - a great oil for moments of stress or anxiousness. Bergamot and Lime make sure this oil is full of calm.
  3. Sun Down (soothing) - uses the sweet scent of Lemongrass and Vanilla to give you chilled out vibes.
  4. Summer Bliss (soothing) - sunny cheerful scent to lift your mood or improve your day. Uses the wonderful floral scents of Jasmine and Geranium.
  5. Twin Peaks (invigorating) - to refresh your senses and invigorate your mind. Herbaceous oils of Lavender & Geranium.
  6. Hocus Pocus (invigorating) - for focus and metal clarity for those brain foggy moments. This oil uses lively scent of Ginger and Grapefruit to bring back focus.

In stores this month we are offering a FREE Mood Oil test. Let the oils speak to you and tell you where you need that extra little boost.

Summer Bliss Mood Oil

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