October 01, 2019

Thinking of making the switch to a more natural deodorant but worried you’ll end up as a sticky mess?

It can be an adjustment and we wanted to give you some info to help make the transition easier and come up smelling of roses…
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

What you should know...

Our deodorant stick works by creating an environment where bacteria won’t thrive, resulting in a decrease in foul odour. Natural deodorants won’t stop you from sweating, that's what antiperspirants do by blocking your pores. Our bodies are amazing things and there are reasons why we sweat, at WiDEYE we believe it’s important to not affect this natural body function. Sweating helps keep you cool and removes impurities from your body which can help prevent illness. Our deodorants are free from aluminium salts, alcohol & parabens - all of these ingredients can enter the body & could potentially have an impact on your health*

Making the switch…

When you first use a natural deodorant, there may be a transition while your body adjusts (...and rejoices!) to the change. It will flush out the toxins and it may mean slightly more moist for a short period of time. However, your pits will thank you for making the change to a more natural alternative. We have a Naked options for the most sensitive skin types without the use of essential oils. For extra benefits you can try our essential oil blended options which leave you smelling fresh but also help with specific skin issues. 

Our packaging…

We recently made the switch to push up cardboard tubes (bye bye plastic!) - super simple to use, just gently push up so a small amount of the solid deodorant stick is above the tube.Place the product on your underarm for a couple seconds to warm the stick and then gently swipe a couple times. It’s super kind to your skin so your can use it more than once a day if needed! See the range here.

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