Twin Peaks Collection

WiDEYE's Little Boxes of Happiness

The Twin Peaks Collection

Aim For The Summit. Refresh your home and add some balancing fragrance. Our little boxes of happiness are a great way to experience lots of products across your favourite range, with a special gift-box discounted price!

 What's in the box?

  • Twin Peaks Room Mist - For your home... Soothing herbal scent bringing the best out outdoors, in.

  • Twin Peaks Hand Wash - For your home... Gentle SLS Free formula for your bathroom

  • Mediterranean Wild Herb Soap - For your body... Moisturising and refreshing wild herb soap

  • Green Clay Mineral Soap - For your body... Detoxifying soap with our classic Twin Peaks fragrance

  • Twin Peaks Mood Melt (try this on us - free gift!) - For your body... Release the balancing herbal scent

  • Twin Peaks Car Air Freshener (try this on us - free gift!) - For your home... Take the scent of Twin Peaks with you on the go or in your wardrobe

If this is a gift, you can choose from one of our five different wrapping options and also include a message in one of our recycled greeting cards completely free of charge.  


Wrapping Option