Foot Bliss Pedicure

As with everything WiDEYE do, we like to be less toxic. So we created nail treatments that use our very own ‘Five Free’ nail polishes that have ditched five of the most harmful chemicals.

What's great about my treatment?

  • Our most softening pedicure for very dry skin.
  • Heated booties are used to ensure a deeper absorption of the products.
  • Finished with one of the colours from our very own less toxic WiDEYE '5 free' nail varnishes.

What's great about the products?


Has all the benefits of our classic Foot Rescue pedicure but with the use of heated booties and a deeply nourishing foot mask to further soften the skin and have a longer lasting nourishing effect. The heat will allow better absorption of the products, allowing them to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, keeping your feet feeling softer for longer. 

What happens during my treatment?

Our pedicure treatment includes a foot bath in our Clay Bath Salts, removal of hard skin and exfoliation to soften the dry skin areas. Nail cutting & shaping and cuticle tidy. A rich foot mask is applied followed by a relaxation session in our heated booties. Followed by a stimulating massage to the legs & feet with our rich Foot Cream. Our WiDEYE Natural Foot balm applied to the really dry zones to soften and add a longer lasting moisture. Can be finished with a Five Free polish of your choice.