Purifying Green Clay Spa Set

A Purifying Green Clay Collection of goodness... 

Choose between our Green Clay Bath melt or Green Clay Spa Shower Melt, included free of charge in this bundle. 

The Purifying Green Clay Set

Ease in to the new year with this special little clay themed bundle put together by our experts to help you feel replenished and calm... A slightly more stimulating option out of all the clays. 


Why Green Clay? 

If you are torn between one of our clay bundles here are some reasons you might love our Green Clay flavour! 

  • Great for drawing out impurities from your pores
  • Slightly invigorating which helps stimulate circulation
  • Lightly helps exfoliate the skin 
  • Can assist in healing blemishes 

 What's in the box?


 How should I use this set?

With our Green Clay Bath Melt... 

  1. Fill up the bath and drop your Green Clay Bath Melt in to the warm water. 
  2. Before jumping in, give your face a quick cleanse and apply the Green Clay Mask. 

  3. Let the green clay work its wonders as both the bath melt and face mask draw out impurities from within your skin... 

  4. Once your feel replenished, take the Green clay Mineral Soap and slowly wash off your face mask. 

  5. Now feeling fresh and purified give yourself one last scrub with the Green Clay Mineral Soap to give your skin a moisturising layer of the butters to feel replenished as you ease in to the evening. 

With Our Green Clay Spa Shower Melt... 

  1. Start things off by giving your face a good cleanse before applying our Skin Management Clay Face Mask. 

  2. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes whilst the face mask draws out all impurities from your skin. 

  3. Run the water in your shower and it the warming water and steam open up your pores as you rinse off your face mask. 

  4. Take your Green Clay Spa Melt and soothingly lather over your skin, covering your self in the purifying clay based formulation. 

  5. To finish things off, give your a skin a slight glow by taking the Green Clay Mineral Soap and  covering yourself in the nourishing butters before rinsing.  
Spa Melt Option

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