Skin Brightening Yellow Clay Spa Set

Stimulating yet Soothing... 

Choose between our Yellow Mineral Bath Bomb or Yellow Clay Spa Shower Melt, included free of charge in this bundle. 

The Purifying Yellow Clay Set

One of the the more soothing and calming options out of all the clays, relax in to an evening of natural purification as this soothing set subtly draws out toxins and helps replenish the skin with essential collagen.


Why Yellow Clay? 

  • Helps draw our impurities
  • Assists with collage production
  • Anti wrinkling properties 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin  

 What's in the box?


 How should I use this set?

With our Yellow Mineral Bath Bomb... 

  1. Fill up the bath and drop your Yellow Mineral Bath Bomb in to the warm water. 
  2. Before jumping in, give your face a quick cleanse and apply the Rehab Clay Mask. 

  3. Now with your face mask applied, give the yellow clay 15 minutes to draw out all the impurities from your skin. 

  4. Once you are ready to rinse off your face mask,  gently remove the soothing clays leaving your skin oxygenated and smooth. 

  5. Before you finish your bath, take the handmade Marigold Butter Soap and lather yourself in the moisturising oils to leave your skin feeling silky smooth for the evening.  

With Our Yellow Clay Spa Shower Melt... 

  1. Start things off by giving your face a good cleanse before applying our skin Rehab Face Mask. 

  2. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes whilst the face mask draws out all impurities from your skin. 

  3. Run the tap and step in to your shower whilst the warming water and steam gently opens up your pores as you rinse off your face mask. 

  4. Take your Yellow Clay Spa Melt and soothingly lather over your skin, covering your self in the skin brightening natural clay. 

  5. To finish things off, give your skin one final cleanse and a quick layer of moisturising butters by washing down with your Marigold Butter Soap. 
For the Bath or for the Shower?

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