Soak and De-stress Relaxing Ritual Set

A WiDEYE Little Box of Happiness to relax the mind...

Soak and De-stress Relaxing Ritual Set

For the ultimate de-stressing soak, this is a match made in heaven. The Soak and de-stress set, is perfect for if you want to completely switch off and immerse yourself in a room of wonderful essential oil blends

What's included? 

Try the following WiDEYE relaxation ritual and let this soothing blend take over for the evening…

Step 1

To start things off, light your Lavender and Vetiver candle next to the bath so you can start to fill the room with this stress-relieving scent.

Step 2

Next, fill your bath and add a good handful of the clay bath salts. Our Dead Sea flavor is packed full of Cedarwood and Vetiver, making for a great combination with our lavender and vetiver frosted candle. Whilst the soothing essential oils help restore a feeling of calmness, the therapeutic clays within the salts will help to restore lost nutrients and minerals on the skin to bring forward a feeling of blissfulness as you soak into your bath. 

Step 3

Whilst soaking in the bath, take our Marigold butter soap for further cleansing. This will leave a thin layer of the butters on your skin once you are finished with your bath, so you can relax into your evening feeling nourished and smooth.

Taking a step back and allowing some time for yourself in a soothing environment can work a world of wonders on the mind and soul. Remember not to rush this ritual so you can allow yourself to restore and relax. 

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