WiDEYE Bliss Manicure

As with everything WiDEYE do, we like to be less toxic. So we created nail treatments that use our very own ‘Five Free’ nail polishes that have ditched five of the most harmful chemicals.

What's great about my treatment?

  • Relaxing hand treatment using our deeply nourishing rehab hand cream.
  • Warm hand mitts to really moisturise your hands deeply.
  • Helps to maintain healthy nails and encourage better nail growth.
  • Finished with one of the colours from our very own less toxic WiDEYE '5 free' nail varnishes.

What's great about the products?

This deeply nourishing treatment has the luxurious rich scents of Neroli & Patchouli from our Rehab Hand Cream and will leave your hands feeling soft and looking bright. The hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body and the skin can suffer damage from the elements. Jojoba & Coconut oils are used for their replenishing properties and provide a protective moisturising barrier and maintain a healthy skin.

What happens during my treatment?

Our manicure includes cutting & shaping of the nails and a tidy of the cuticles. A relaxing massage to the hand and arm will stimulate circulation and encourage nail growth naturally. We will then apply some heated mitts which allows the hand cream to deeply penetrate and moisturise, leaving your hands softer than ever. It can also be finished with one of our very own WiDEYE '5 free' nail varnishes.